Christmas is going to look a lot different this year, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot take part in a few family festivities. That’s right; you can still make sure you get in on all the Christmas excitement, without actually leaving the house. And while we’re all for getting into the spirit of Christmas, we want to make sure that everyone does it safely.

Here are a few of our favourite Christmas family festivities that the whole family can enjoy:

Story Time

Now, who doesn’t like a Christmas story or three? Reading stories is a great time to bond with the family. And, it’s a wonderful way to get the little ones interested in books. Let’s make this Christmas a safe and family orientated one. Be sure to pop into your favourite book store to pick up a few great Christmas reads. Additionally, there are a number of amazing second-hand in the community that are bound to have a few hidden gems lying around.

Get Baking

We don’t think there could be anything better than walking into a house that smells like freshly baked cookies. Gather up the families and get baking this festive season. Yes, baking can get messy, but the joy of creating something tasty beats the mess. We suggest a few Christmas themed cookies or a delicious Christmas cake. As an added bonus, the tasty treats that you and the family make can be shared out as home-made gifts.

Send a Card

When was the last time you received a Christmas Card? We love the idea of creating and sending home-made Christmas Cards. How about including a visit voucher when we are safely able to visit again? Get creative with items around the house and make sure to post or hand deliver those cards before Christmas day.

Light the Way

Why not take a drive through the community and take a look what people are doing with their home. There are a number of beautifully decorated homes ready for viewing around the community. And the best part s that it can be done without leaving the car.

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