Cheese boards are delicious and they are impressive. If you haven’t already tried to make a cheese board you should know that they are crazy easy to put together. If you have guests coming over and want to give them a little wow factor, put out a well-constructed cheese board. Also, we’re always in favour of any dishes which have a high oooh-and-ahhh to elbow grease ratio.

Cheese boards always look amazing. In fact, once you bring one out one of your guests are bound to say that you shouldn’t have gone through all the effort. And, depending on how much you like the guest you can reveal that it took you a few second the throw together to not. You need to know that some of the cheese boards on social media contain extravagant expensive ingredients. You should also know that you can make a cheese board which looks flamboyant to just a few hundred rands.

Our easy cheese board guide is designed to be friendly on your pocket while at the same time give you that WOW factor when you entertain. We don’t want you overthink the creation of your cheese board and you are sure to find everything you need in Karaglen SuperSpar.

Step 1: Pick a cheese board

If you already have a cheese board, great! If not, you can make use of a humble cutting board but make sure it is in great condition. One of our favourites is a slate cheese board. The black background really makes the cheeses stand out. You can also find affordable Spar Fresh Living boards in store.

Step 2: Add the cheese (obviously)

Make sure you pick out a variety of cheese from Karaglen SuperSpar. You will want to make sure that you have hard, soft and crumbly cheeses. You can also add different strengths and remember not everyone will enjoy a stinky cheese. Also, make sure you have a variety of colours and shapes. Simply place the cheese whole on the board and supply a few cheese knives for your guests.

Step 3: Add the salty things

One of the best things about eating a cheese boar is that you get to nibble away at a full variety of things with different textures and flavours. You can add some biltong, or prosciutto and salami to give your cheeseboard so much for variety. You can also add olives in a separate bowl as well as nuts and Pepperdews

Step 4: Add a few sweet things

Dried and fresh fruit are the way to go to satisfy the sweet factor here. We really love dried apricots because of their colour and also grapes and kiwi fruit. Be wary of fruits which brown quickly such a bananas and apples.

Step 5: Add the crackers

We love to use a mix of crackers, mostly because it’s fun. Place the crackers in the openings on the board. Remember that you can always restock the crackers as they run out. You can also add a few breadsticks too.

Step 6: Add a few condiments

Condiments are a really fun addition to a cheese board rather than a necessity. We love the idea of adding in honey and jams or even a few mustards.

Step 7: Fill the spaces

This is where you can make your cheese board look simply stunning. Use grapes, berries and tomatoes to freshen up the look of your board. Fill the remaining empty spaces with clusters of fresh season fruits.

Step 8: Garnish

As the last step, you need to add a little garnish. Fresh rosemary and sage work particularly well. While the garnish won’t add anything flavourful to your cheese board it will make it look amazing.