Soup has to be the ultimate winter comfort food especially on those days when the winter chill sets in. Soups have been used to heal the body… and the mind. Aside from the absolute convenience of the humble soup many people believe that soups have the ability to heal. Here are our top 11 reasons why you should enjoy a soup-er winter this year. Don’t miss out on our amazing soup recipes either.


If you’re looking for the ultimate heart-warming meal then soup is the answer. There is simply nothing that warms the body and soul quite like a thick vegetable soup on a cold day. According to science, soups work in a very similar way to coffee and will raise the body’s temperature, therefor warming you up from the inside.

Leave it

There are very few other dishes which call for you to simply throw the ingredients together and walk away. Once you’ve uncovered the science behind making a great soup, the rest is easy. You just leave it alone and it does everything else for you.

Satisfying, Always

The secret to soups satisfying your appetite lies in their high water content. This also means that soups are healthy in a very hydrating way. A recent study found that people who regularly consumed soups were left hydrated and more full. This meant that they did not consume unnecessary calories, even after dinner.

Veggie tolerance

Children who eat vegetables are healthier. And, Children who regularly eat soups containing veggies are more likely to develop a love for and a tolerance of all veggies.

Less aches

Soups such as chicken soup might not be able to fight off colds and flu. But they are anti-inflammatory. This means that they help fight the symptoms of flu and colds. They are also known to clear-up mucus. Taking in a good helping of chicken soup soothes the soul and helps fight off those nasty cold symptoms.

Minerals and Vitamins

Soups are known to retain their vitamin and mineral compounds. This is because the veggies are actually cooked in the water where their nutrients are lost. So technically you are not losing a single vitamin from those veggies through the cooking process.

Easy to make

You really cannot mess up in making a soup. If you do not like something you just add something else. Easy!

Less fat

Most of the ingredients in soups are lean and high in fibre. Unless of course; you’re opting for a cream based soup. This means soups are far healthier for you than most other meals you’ll cook at home.

Meals for later

Soups are great for freezing! Pop a large pot on the stove this weekend. Freeze whatever’s left. When you’re stuck for dinner simply take out the soup, reheat it and serve. Many soups also taste better once they’ve been frozen. You simply cannot loose.

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