Level-up Your Baking – If you’ve spent any time over the last year baking in the kitchen, then you’ll have come across using yeast. For the most part, yeast is used in baking bread. Remember those lockdown loaves we all baked? Yeah, those all contained yeast. And, there’s a good chance that if your loaf didn’t rise as well as you’d hoped then you might have not added the yeast.

But, what many people don’t know is that there is more than one variant of yeast. They are used in baking, cooking and brewing (lockdown 2020 taught us how to get creative, didn’t it). Each type of yeast has its own characteristics. Some can be used for other purposes than they were designed and it only means that you’ll have to change your recipe. Some, on the other hand, have specific uses. To be safe, always buy the right yeast needed for the recipe that way you can be assured that you will Level-up Your Baking.

All About Yeast for Baking

Yeast in bread aids in the fermentation process. The common name for yeasts used in baking is Baker’s Yeast. This refers to Active Dry, Fresh, Instant, or Liquid. The most common variant that you’ll find in stores is Active Dry or Instant.  The correct way to make use of Active Yeast is to dissolve it in a warm liquid before use, either water or milk. It’s important to remember that liquid hotter than 40 degrees will kill your yeast, so lukewarm liquid is recommended.

Fresh yeast is perishable and will need to be kept in your refrigerator. It should also be used soon after purchase. Remember to test or proof your fresh yeast before each use. To do this, simply dissolve your yeast in water. Then add a pinch of sugar to the mixture. The mixture should start to foam up to 10 minutes after the sugar was added. If this doesn’t happen, then the yeast has expired.

Yeast for Cooking

When using yeast in cooking you can either use a yeast extract or opt for nutritional yeast. These are predominantly used as flavouring. But, they also give cooking a healthy boost. Nutritional yeast is high in Vitamin B and minerals and is most commonly used in vegan cooking. Yeast extract is simply a concentrated form of nutritional yeast.

Yeast for Brewing

When making beer at home, both the pineapple variety and traditional beer, you’ll make use of Brewer’s yeast. Brewer’s Yeast comes in two forms; bottom-fermenting and top-fermenting. Bottom-fermenting yeast produces larger while top-fermenting is used to make ale.

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