We’re counting down the days to Valentine’s Day. Four to be exact! Have you already chosen your gift? Will you be going for something traditional or will you be joining the rest of us in 2020? Instead of forking out money for roses that will die, this latest gifting trend actually makes more sense.

That’s right; we’re talking about Alternative Bouquets. But, what exactly is an Alternative Bouquet, and where can you get one. Firstly, some of these are easy to make yourself and secondly, Karaglen SuperSpar can help with a few too. Here are a few of our favourite Alternative Bouquets for Valentine’ Day this year:

Cheese and Wine

Ok, so this is at the top of our list for obvious reasons. Wine and Cheese, do we really need to say more? So how do you pull it off? It’s simple. First place a bottle of your or their favourite wine in a basket. Check out the amazing selection of Karaglen in-store wines. Next, fill the basket with a selection of crackers and cheeses and throw in a picnic blanket to boot. Now you’re all set for a Valentine’s Day picnic indoors or out.

All About The Carbs

Go ahead and fill a basket with a selection of breadsticks, hams, and dips. This is an affordable way to throw together the perfect romantic dinner for two. Don’t forget those mussels and other tinned treats. As a bonus, you’ll know dinner is sorted if loadshedding hits.

Hole in One

We’re talking doughnuts, doughnuts and more doughnuts. Pop into Karaglen and have a chat with our friendly bakery staff to pre-order your selection of fresh doughnuts today. Pick those sweet treats up on Thursday afternoon. Then pop up to Westpack for a few skewers and you’re set to go. Place each doughnut on a stick and wrap around with a colourful piece of flower paper. And, there you have it, a sweet Valentine’s alternative bouquet that’s sure to be memorable.

Meat, Meat, Meat

Okay, we get it, sweet things and wine is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, how about living on the meaty side of life? Yes, you guessed it, Biltong!! Karaglen’s award-winning butchery has an awesome selection of freshly made biltong. These are perfect for creating the ultimate meaty alternative bouquet. Bacon, dröewors and biltong slices. What more could you ask for? Stack your favourites in your box and you’re off to go. Don’t forget to decorate that box with a cute ribbon and a card.