Introducing the SPAR Freshline hydroponically grown, Aqualeaf crisp lettuce head and trio.

Aqualeaf produce is better for the environment and offers quality, sustainability, and safety.

Better for the environment
Our technologically advanced growing systems is kinder to the environment because it allows us to minimise the use of herbicides and pesticides.
Every head of lettuce is protected from the elements and delivered to you at its tasty best.

The trio lettuce comes with roots on for extended shelf life.
Consistency of quality is delivered through an intensive, sustainable growing system.
Every time you take home a pack of carefully grown SPAR Freshline Aqua Leaf lettuce, rest assured that you are about to enjoy top quality, fresh and tasty lettuce in your salads.

Aqualeaf is hydroponically grown, it is fed through a consistent flow of water with the optimum balance of nutrients, this ensures better quality and consistency.

Recycling water within a closed system means that 80% less water is used than conventional growing methods.

Aqualeaf is grown under the strict quality standards and is fully traceable from store to farm.