We went completely gaga for all the adorable entries in the Karaglen SuperSpar 2018 Baby Competition. In fact, the decision was so hard, that we had to bring in independent judges. And, even our judges had a hard time picking the winners.

Once again, well done to all our entrants and a massive CONGRATULATIONS to our winners! We are proud to have you as our supporters. Over the weekend excited moms and dads popped into Karaglen SuperSpar to collect their prizes.

0-6 Month Category Winners

0-6 1st prize winner.

0-6 2nd prize winner.

0-6 3rd prize winner.

7-12 Month Category Winners:

7-12 1st prize winner and overall winner.

7-12 2nd prize winner.

7-12 3rd prize winner.

13 – 18 Month Category Winners:

13-18 1st prize winner.

13-18 2nd prize winner.

13-18 3rd prize winner.