Most people will find that the three months of January are the hardest to get through. This is because all the amazing specials over the Christmas period had them spending a little too much over the festive season. The good news is that you can beat the Janu-worry blues by setting up a Christmas budget for your upcoming shopping.

Here are our easy Christmas Shopping budgeting tips to help you save money this festive season:

Christmas Shopping List

If you’re buying presents for people this Christmas you need to make sure that you have a shopping list. Right down everyone, you want to buy a present for. Then, just like Santa, you need to check the list twice. Cut out anyone who you feel shouldn’t get a gift this Christmas. You know the aunt you only see at Christmas, the uncle who only picks up his gift then leaves. They all need to go.

Set a Limit on Spending

It’s very easy to overspend on gifts while you’re Christmas Shopping. This is just your emotions playing with you. Guilt shopping over the Christmas period is a real problem. You feel bad for buying one person a bigger present than another so you buy a bigger gift. This is not the right way to go about your Christmas shopping. If you can afford R40 per gift that is what you need to stick to. If you can afford R100, stick to it.

Cash Not Card

It’s easier to overspend on gifts when you are not keeping track of what you are spending. If you have set out R500 for all the presents you need to buy, draw the money in cash. When you buy a gift, pay in cash. Using a debit or credit card can easily lead to overspending. Your budget will thank you in January.

Shop Alone

Always remember that it will be easy for others joining you on shopping trips to spend your money. Avoid this, by doing your Christmas shopping alone. When you shop alone you’ll avoid being distracted. Ask a granny to look after the kiddies for a few hours. You’re likely to spend way more money when you shop with your children.