Karaglen SuperSpar shoppers, Chrissy and Nigel will celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary in June this year. Breast cancer survivor and recent recoveree of kidney failure, Chrissy says Nigel has been her rock through all hard times.

The two met in Nelspruit following Chrissy’s divorce. “We both used to visit the local pub and I had been eyeing him out for three months.” Eventually, the two shared a dance and Nigel spent the following six months courting Chrissy.

A Marriage Proposal

Chrissy and Nigel dated for two years before he asked for her hand and marriage on her birthday. “There were objections from both sides because Nigel was seven years younger than me and I had three children,” says Chrissy. But, this would not deter the two love birds. They eloped and were married in Pretoria north.

Chrissy lovingly describes Nigel as a true gentleman who still does small things like opening the car door for her. “I’m his princess”.  She also boasts that Nigel as the better cook between them makes the best rump steak and salad under the sun.

Nigel works away from home much of the time but when the couple is together they enjoy being in each other’s company. Theatre is a hit for them both and they love to eat out together. “We are very busy and we also enjoy spending time relaxing at home,” says Chrissy. Another favourite outing for the couple is taking their two grandchildren out for the day.

Sharing Love

On weekends when Nigel is not able to come home, Chrissy packs her bags and travels to him. The two share a passion for helping others. “We enjoy giving back to others as a way of paying it forward for all the blessings we have had over the years. We really are very blessed,” says Chrissy.

“Nigel is my hero,” says Chrissy. She says that even after all these years Nigel gives her butterflies when she sees him. Nigel says that he loves everything about his wife but he adores her passion above all else. “We have so much to be thankful for,” says Chrissy.

The two shared their best relationship advice for couples. “Never go to bed angry. Always say I love you and good night,” says Chrissy. “Always be mindful of what you say to each other,” says Nigel