After 20 years of marriage, Denyse and Basil Whitehead have never been happier. The couple met 21 years ago when Denyse owned a coffee shop in Bedfordview. At the time Basil was a customer at the shop. When Basil realised that he was falling in love with Denyse, he asked her out.

18 months later the couple was married and they have not looked back. “You can’t let a fish like this go,” laughs Basil. Tragedy struck two years into their couple’s marriage when Denyse was diagnosed with Leukaemia. “We had amazing doctors who were able to pull Denyse through,” says Basil.

The two lovebirds say that the secret to a happy and healthy relationship is honesty and to have no hidden agendas. “You also need to trust each other and do things together,” says Denyse, adding that as a couple, she and Basil do everything together. “The only time I spent away from Denyse was when I was becoming a diving instructor. During this time I would travel to Mozambique often,” he says.

Let’s talk about food!

The couple’s favourite meal to share is lemon butter prawns served on a bed of savoury rice. “Karaglen SuperSpar is our pantry. We live right next door and we get everything from Karaglen SuperSpar,” says Basil. The two agree that Denyse is the best cook in the house. “Actually she is the only cook in the house because she makes the most amazing food. The other day she found two recipes online and just made them. It was delicious,” says Basil. Denyse’s go-to meal is a Chicken Curry and Brown Rice.

The one thing the couple can always be found doing is walking. The two love to walk their dogs and would walk everywhere if given the chance. “In 2010 during the World Cup, we were visiting friends at the coast and decided to take the dogs for a walk. That day we ended up walking 20km to Ushaka!” recalls the couple.

For Valentine’s Day this year, the two plan on having a quiet evening meal at home. “When you have a wife that cooks better than restaurants, every day is Valentine’s Day,” says Basil. The couple has shopped at Karaglen since moving to the area in 1992.