Joseph, affectionately known as Madala and his wife, Magogo are a much-loved part of the Karaglen family and a true example of happily ever after. They are Karaglen’s Own Happily Ever After. Their story started in 1973 when they were married. At the time Madala was 28 years old, and his gorgeous wife 16. This year they will celebrate 47 years of marriage.

In 1974 the couple welcomed their first child and started their journey as a family. Madala started working with Andrew Karamichael when he first opened a store in Highway Gardens. And, when Karaglen SuperSpar opened its doors Madala with right there to help Andrew Karamichael welcome customers both new and old. Magogo joined the Karaglen family a few years later.

Love Through Tough Times

In their Happily ever after, Together the couple has fought through tough times including the loss of their twin girls. But, they have also experienced great joy. “We love spending time with our family. We have 10 grandchildren who are the light of our lives,” says Madala.

Madala says that the two are always supportive of each other. They enjoy their time together cooking and laughing about events from the day. This time is important to Magogo and Madala. Both enjoy working at Karaglen, spending valuable time with the customers and getting to know everyone who shops at Karaglen SuperSpar.

47 Years of Love

The couple’s ideal date night is dinner at a steak house. But, their favourite meal to share together is pap and meat, which they have cooked. The secret to their happy marriage, according to Madala is love and compassion. They believe that as a couple both parties need to be involved in each other’s lives.

“I support her and she supports me. That’s love. My wife is a very good woman. We have built a nice home together and raised great children,” says Madala.  The couple is looking forward to many more years in each other’s company and says they cannot wait to find out what the future holds for them.