Renee and Tim Mott have spent the last 27 celebrating their love for each other. After meeting while at a party in Rocky Street the couple went on to have two sons and say the secret to a happy relationship is perseverance and understanding. “The wife is always right,” jokes Tim.

The two also believe that couples need to stick together and understand each other. “We just know each other. We know each other’s attitudes. We know what the other is thinking and we know what the other person wants to say,” says Renee.

Spending time together

Renee and Tim’s favourite time spent together is watching Netflix and eating biltong from Karaglen SuperSpar and chips. The two agree that Tim is the better cook. Tim’s go to recipes are his variety of hearty stews and Spaghetti Bolognese.

The two enjoy spending time together and doing almost everything as a team. “It’s very rare to find us alone and when it does happen, even the cashiers at Karaglen will ask where the other one is,” says Tim. They believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day every day and doing little things for each other.

Renee and Tim have been shopping at Karaglen SuperSpar since 1998 and have seen the centre and store change over the years. They enjoy the entire experience of visiting the store because staff is always friendly and know them so well.