Rekha and Gordon Jardine fell in love after meeting online. As a single mom for over 20 years, Rekha decided to venture into the world of online dating. One morning at 4am her life would change forever. As she scrolled through various profiles on the dating app, one caught her eye.

Gordon’s profile said he had been single for a while and was ready to jump into the shark tank. “I’m a Piscean so his profile jumped out at me. His profile stated that he likes to go on 4×4 rides and enjoys fly fishing. He was looking for someone who was comfortable in their own skin,” said Rekha.

Little did I know that I would be the one netting the shark. I sent him the first message at 4.30am but heard nothing back,” she said. Gordon jokes that Rekha wasn’t one for getting much sleep at the time. “She still doesn’t sleep,” he laughs.

Early Bird Catches The Fish

“Sure it was early, but I didn’t think anything of it so got ready and went to work. That morning a butterfly flew into my car and stayed with me on the whole trip to Pretoria. When I arrived at work I thought the butterfly had left and I went into the office,” Rekha said.

At around 9am Gordon replied. Surprised, Rekha decided to give him a call, while she completed a few tasks before her meeting. “When I heard his voice, I knew he was the one. We spoke for long and he told me he had just returned from Mozambique. It felt like I was talking to my best friend,” Rekha said.

The only time Rekha and Gordon stopped talking was when Rekha had to attend her meeting. “The moment the meeting ended I called Gordon again. I’ll never forget it he was eating an avo sandwich. We spoke for the rest of the day,” she said.

Butterfly Flutters

That afternoon when Rekha arrived at her car she saw the butterfly again. This time it was sitting on her steering wheel. Rekha said it felt as though it was a sign for her. And, three days later the two met at Karaglen before heading to Gordons place for coffee.

Gordon boasts that Rekha is the better cook in the relationship but she insists that he makes the best cob chicken in the world. Their secret to a happy relationship is to not let anyone interfere. “Forgiveness and tolerance are important in any relationship,” says Gordon.

Rekha and Gordon enjoy spending time together whenever they can. Both work from their home but they also enjoy going on long drives together. “We visit places which are special to us. Places where we can be by the water’s edge. That’s where we like to spend quality time together,” says Rekha.

Both have been Spar customers for as long as they can remember, Gordon has shopped at Karaglen since the store opened its doors and has been a supporter of the Karamichael family for many years before then too.