Regular shoppers at Karaglen SuperSpar, Charmaine and Terence Smith are no strangers to the world of love. This year the happy couple celebrate 26 years of marriage and are undergoing their very own new business venture.

The lovebirds met while Charmaine was a Golden Lions referee. “She blew the whistle at me,” Terence jokes. The two say they instantly clicked from that moment. Shortly afterward they had their first date at a family wedding. “It was love at first sight”, says Charmaine.

The key to a happy and long relationship for the two has always been mutual trust and communication. “If you cannot communicate then you have a big problem. If you don’t trust each other then you have an even bigger problem,” says Charmaine.

The favourite meal shared by the couple is a braai. Their ideal weekend braai will include top quality meats purchased from Karaglen SuperSpar. The braai is served with either pap or traditional braai broodtjies. Have a look at our top recipes for braai pap and broodtjies.

Sharing kitchen duties

Both agree that Charmaine is the better cook. Terence is known to join in helping clean the kitchen and doing the dishes afterwards. Charmaine’s go-to dish is something the couple calls a Swedish Dish. “It’s a quick and easy dish and you simply need to slap it together at the last minute and you’ve got a lovely dinner,” says Charmaine. She adds that the couple and their children enjoy meals which are quick and easy.

Their favourite memories are made wherever the couple are together. “We also enjoy going for breakfast together. We are very family orientated and will always choose to go out with our children over spending time alone,” says Charmaine.

They both have no idea what they will be doing for Valentine’s Day this year. “Something always goes wrong when we plan something so we normally decide either the night before or the day of,” laughs Charmaine. Talking about their favourite funny moment together the couple agrees that it had to be the time they went to Gold Reef City with their children. “The kids put us on a few of the big rides and that was us, sick for the rest of the day,” they giggle together.