Bijoux Blue opened its doors at Karaglen Mall in February 2004. Tracey, the owner, originally wanted to call her business Bijoux, which is the French word for jewelry. However, the name was taken so she had to come up with something else. That is how Bijoux Blue was born and has just grown from strength to strength over the years.

With the current upgrade at Karaglen Mall, Tracey’s store went from a small corner shop to a much larger, beautiful space. With the larger space, she has been able to bring in a wider range of clothing, that she handpicks personally from all over the world.

When you walk in, you just know that you should have left your credit card at home!

Beautiful costume jewelry in all different shades, a gorgeous scarf range for any day of the week and loads of stunning clothing items. The best part is that all of her products are affordable.

Lucy, the store manager, who has been there since day one with Tracey is as Tracey says, “part of her family”. You can visit them any day of the week at the Karaglen Mall, Baker Road in Edenvale.

Thank you to Tracey and Lucy for adding value to our mall over all these years.