Black Friday is the perfect time to catch a few amazing specials. But to make the best of the specials available you need to be prepared. You need to be prepared for the hustle and bustle of the shops and you need to be prepared to wait… and wait. One option available to you is that you opt to do your Black Friday shopping online.

But, If you’re heading out to the shop here’s what you can do to make Black Friday as effortless as possible:

Get an Early Start

Last year, many of the stores opened their doors earlier than normal. With stores opening earlier, many of those big-ticket items tend to sell out quickly. So, if you’re not planning on being up at the crack of dawn, you need to make sure you have those websites loaded and ready to take advantage.

Effortlessly Online

The pandemic changed how many people do their shopping and this Black Friday will be no different. In addition, you’re bound to grab a few exclusively online specials when you choose to shop online. You might also want to take into consideration that many stores will also offer free delivery on their specials if you send more than a certain amount. Take advantage of this to save money on delivery charges.

Be Rewarded

Make sure you shop at stores that give you rewards for shopping with them. At Karaglen SuperSpar you can make use of your Karaglen Spar Card as well as your SPAR Rewards Card. Woolworths offers additional rewards through the WRewards Card. And you can use your Pick n Pay Smart Shopper Card at Pick n Pay Clothing. Be sure to cash in on earning while you’re shopping this Black Friday.


If you want to make the best of the deals available on Friday, you need to set a budget and stick to it. It’s going to be easy to stray from your set spending limit, but you need to be strict with yourself. Know where the best specials are and know what you plan to spend then work it into your budget for the day.

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