This #BraaiDay we celebrate everything that makes our braais so incredibly unique. Today, we’ll check out marinades, how you can make your own, and why you need them. Marinades have the ability to make or break your meat cuts. Marinades will tenderize your meat by slowly breaking down the fibers. This means that the tougher the cut of meat, the longer you need to marinade it for.

An additional benefit to using a meat marinade is that it will undoubtedly add extra flavor to your meat. When choosing a marinade for your meat you have two choices; pick one out at the store or make your own. Karaglen SuperSpar has an incredible selection of ready-made marinades for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can make your own.

#BraaiDay Marinade Basics

There are four main basic ingredients for every marinade. You’ll need an acid; this will break down the fibers in the meat. Great acids are lemon juice, vinegar, wine, and even orange juice. Next, you’ll need something to add flavor to your mix. This will be the spices you add including some heat if you like things a little hotter. Then, you’ll need oil. The oil will hold your mixture together and will add a little extra moisture to your meat. Lastly, you’ll need a little salt. Salt is a basic and will make sure your meats taste amazing every time.

Marinade Prep

There really is no science to making a great marinade so this is very much a guideline for you to follow if you’ve never tried this before. For every one part acid, you add to your mixture, you’ll need to add three parts oil. This means if you’re adding one cup lemon juice, you need to add three cups of oil. Then you add in your salt and give it a stir. Lastly, you add in your spices, herbs, and curries. It’s really as simple as that.

Out The Box Marinades for #BraaiDay

Now that you’ve got the hang of creating a basic marinade, you might be ready to step it up and try something a little different. These marinades are a little more expensive to make, but boy are they good. They add extravagant pops of flavor to any meals and they’re sure to be a hit with your guests.

Tremendous Teriyaki

For this one, you’ll need soy sauce and water as your base for colour. Then add brown sugar, green onions, and garlic. Your acid will be white vinegar and you’ll need vegetable oil to bind it together.

Rosemary and Lemon

With lemon as your acid, you really cannot go wrong. Next simply add olive oil, pepper, and garlic and rosemary.

Pineapple Marinade

To your acid of cider vinegar add soy sauce and honey. For the spices add in garlic, ginger, and cloves. This one is great for pork dishes.