Today we celebrate International Coffee Day. It is believed that coffee originated in Ethiopia hundreds of years ago. Today, however, it is one of the most enjoyed beverages on the planet. International Coffee Day is aimed at creating awareness for the sustainable cultivation of coffee. Additionally, those in the coffee business are also pushing for more fair trade of the commodity.

Did you know that the coffee bean is actually a berry which grows on the coffee plant? If like us, you enjoy a cuppa or two during the day here are a few ways you can celebrate coffee on International Coffee Day:

Coffee For Free

To celebrate International Coffee Day many coffee cafes and shops around the world will give away free coffee. Be sure to check out your favourite local places for their coffee specials to commemorate the drink.

Coffee Everywhere

The best way to celebrate International Coffee day is throughout the day. Sit back and enjoy a delicious coffee cake or try your hand at making homemade coffee ice-cream. If all of this seems like a load of work, why no simply sit back for a moment and enjoy your warm cup of Joe?

Host a Party

South African’s really don’t need another excuse to get together and celebrate but hey, why not? Grab a few friends and brew a pot of your favourite coffee. Enjoy the time with a few Koeksisters or even traditional Ouma rusks.

Go Tasting

Check with your local coffee shops if they have any unusual coffee brands then pop in and give them a try. You never know you might just find your new local favourite.

Fun Fact

In 2016 the world’s strongest coffee was a Proudly South African mix created in Cape Town. Black Insomnia was measured by the caffeine content. Today, however, it sits at number 4 in the world after being beaten by Black Label by Devil Mountain Coffee Company, the UK’s Very Strong Coffee and Australia’s High Voltage Coffee.

Don’t forget to celebrate coffee every Monday with Karaglen SuperSpar. Buy 6 doughnuts and get a free coffee for only R18.95.

2 Great Reasons To Enjoy Coffee:

Coffee increases energy

It’s common knowledge and it’s really the reason we indulge in that cup of coffee. The energy boost from coffee is thanks to caffeine. Studies have shown that the intake of caffeine can actually also improve brain function. Those who drank coffee during the trials showed increased memory and mood functions. It’s science!

Coffee can burn fat

We don’t want to technical on this one but a number of studies have proved that caffeine increases your metabolism. This means that coffee helps you to burn calories much faster. This means when you pick up your 6 doughnuts from Spar on Monday’s, your free coffee makes it guilt-free.