Can you have a Budget Beating Valentine’s Day? Is it even possible to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget? Yes, yes it is. While we know that you can show someone you love them every day, some days you just want to go a little bigger. Valentine’s Day is that day. But, not everyone can do the five-star restaurant and 100 red roses. And, let’s face it, we’re still feeling that December spending too.

The last thing anyone wants to do is face more debt just for Valentine’s Day. Here are a few really cool budget beating Valentine’s Day ideas. The last one is sure to get you excited.

Going Gift-less

This one is best done when both parties agree. Gift-less is the way to go if you’re looking to celebrate a budget beating Valentine’s Day. Instead of spending money on expensive jewelry or flowers, try something from the heart. Try a Homemade card perhaps? Or a simple I love you on the day. Whether you’re choosing a Gift-less Valentine’s Day or a Free gift day, you’re sure to save a little.

Home Cooking

Fancy restaurants can burn a hole in your budget really quickly! You can get the same romantic vibe right at home. Deck out a few candles and dust off the fancy dinnerware. Then set out to cook your favourite meal together. This doesn’t have to be an expensive meal either. Something the both of you enjoy and will enjoy making together. Take it another step up and throw on a movie afterward to that true dinner date feel.

Free Events

Why not take a look at local event calendars for free events taking place near you. Markets are a great way to spend time together and most of them are free. Or take a walk in a local park. Don’t forget to check out what local social clubs have to offer. A night learning about photography or playing games can be just as romantic as heading out for the night.

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