A decadent carrot cake has to be one of the best ways to start or end off your day. And today this delicious cake has its chance to shine in the spotlight. It’s Carrot Cake day. But, what makes a carrot cake so special? And why can’t we just seem to get enough of a delicious carrot cake? Then, what’s the secret to making a delectable carrot cake, we asked our bakers.

1827, this was the first time a decadent carrot cake appeared in any sort of cookbook. It is believed that bakers began to substitute carrots in cakes when there was a shortage of sugar. Carrots were used because they are naturally sweet. We think we simply cannot get enough carrot cake because it’s a delightful mix of vegetables and cake.

Decadent Carrot Cake Secrets

So what is it that makes a carrot cake so special? Here’s what our season bakers had to say:

It’s The Carrots

You need to make sure that you thoroughly grate those carrots. You won’t be baking your cake for a long time and this means that chunky carrot pieces, won’t have time to cook properly. Carrots add moisture to your cake, so you need to make sure that you pick out only the best and freshest carrots.

Perfect Measurements

If your carrot cake recipe calls for 250g of flour, don’t go putting 300g of flour into your mix. Baking the perfect carrot cake is more of a science than an art. Our Karaglen bakers also suggest that you don’t simply double up your cake mix. Rather mix twice because doubling up on ingredients calls for a flop. (A delicious flop, but a flop nonetheless).

Buttermilk Bliss

Find a recipe for carrot cake that uses buttermilk. Buttermilk adds moisture to your cake and gives it a silky taste texture. Here’s a handy tip if you can’t find buttermilk: Make your own. What? Yes, grab some fresh cream, add a mix it up to make butter. The by-product you get from this is buttermilk.

All About Frosting

You need to use cream cheese. There are no two ways about it. Carrot cake and cream cheese go hand in hand like Karaglen SuperSpar and Great Specials. Be careful you do not want to ice your cake while it’s hot. Cream cheese will turn into a gloop of a sweet, cheesy mess if you try icing your cake while it’s still warm.

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