On 23 May, we celebrate International Chardonnay Day. Chardonnay wines were first created in France from the Chardonnay grape. The grape used is versatile in winemaking and is grown best in cooler climates. You might not know this but Chardonnay wines are also used in the creation of Champagnes and Sparkling Wines.

There are very few drinks that can compare to wine. Aside from water, wine might be one of the oldest drinks around. There are many variants of wine and the benefits of drinking wine moderately are really no secret.  Both, red and white variants of wine contain vital nutrients which will benefit your body. Red wine might be higher in polyphenols but white wine contains more antioxidants.

Here are the top 5 reasons to drink a glass of wine tonight on International Chardonnay Day:

Cholesterol Controller

There have been a number of studies which showed that the red wines show increased levels of good cholesterol. These assist in de-clogging arteries. It is recommended that you have around one glass of red wine every alternative day.

Better Circulation

Wines which are light red in colour have the ability to expand blood vessels. This, in turn, aids the circulation of the blood.

Less Chance of Heart Disease

Wines, especially red variants are high in antioxidants which protect the lining in your blood vessels. Light red wines are great for adding to your daily dinners.

Relieves Stress

Some studies have shown that just one glass of wine has the ability to reduce stress. Generally, red wines reduce stress and sipping it slowly can be relaxing. White wines are known for their ability to energise.

Fight Winter Bugs

Many people believe that drinking wine has the ability to help the body fight viruses and bacteria which cause colds and flu. Scientific studies have shown that drinking wine moderately can help boost the body’s immunity by around 85%.

The internationally noble and very much popular Chardonnay wine is recognised on the 4th Thursday of May…. That’s today! Here are our top picks for International Chardonnay Day Wines at Karaglen SuperSpar.

Robertson Winery Chardonnay – R59.99

  • Serving: Enjoy with seafood, salmon, roast chicken, Thai food and pork.
  • Style: Regularly and reliably achieves a smooth balance between concentrated lemon-lime fruit character that harmonises with the subtle toasty flavours of French Oak.

Klawer Cellars Chardonnay – R55.99

  • Serving: Most enjoyable with fish, poultry and pasta.
  • Style: Crisp lemon and citrus flavours with a soft and well balanced middle pallet. Slightly oak undertones compliment the long subtle finish.

Nederburg the Winemasters Chardonnay – R81.99

  • Serving: Enjoy with cream based dishes, camembert and Thai food.
  • Style: Appealing aromas of lime, melon and vanilla open onto a fresh, creamy palate with a touch of citrus and apricot.

Porcupine Ridge Chardonnay – R58.95

  • Serving: Best suited for serving with fish and poultry dishes.
  • Style: Lightly oaked with tropical and citrus flavours abound. Features a rich taste with a lengthy finish.

Spier Chardonnay/ Pinot Noir – R68.95

  • Serving: Pairs perfectly with a seafood salad or egg canapés.
  • Style: Features strawberries and yellow apple aromas followed by a crisp, fruity finish.

Dubanville Hills Chardonnay – R76.99

  • Serving: The wine suits full-flavoured seafood and poultry as well as rich creamy sauces.
  • Style: Fresh peach and citrus aromas finely balanced by creamy vanilla flavours. Subtly wooded and full bodied.

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