Citrus fruits are more than delicious. They are also incredibly useful for everyday cleaning and use in the kitchen. Have you ever considered whether you are making full use of your citrus fruits? And, did you know that you can use more than the juice from your citrus? It’s easy to see that lemon, limes and oranges can be used in cooking but the rinds and skin are just a useful.

In fact you’d actually be surprised by the amount of things you can do with citrus fruits. Take for instance Lemons. Lemons great for baking and cooking, especially lamb. But, lemons are also powerful in the fight against germs. This is because their juices are antibacterial. And, due to their high levels of acidity, ALL citrus fruits can be used for cleaning.

Have a look at these genius ways you can make citrus fruits work for you in the kitchen:

Kitchen Aroma Therapy

Once you’ve finished using your favourite citrus fruits do not throw away the skins. Put of pot of water on the stove to boil and add the left over skins to the water. The smell will permeate through your entire house. Trust us it’s better than air fresher cans, and healthier for the environment too. Did we mention that the smell would last longer? Feeling creative? Why not add a few of your favourite scents to the pot too. Try a little vanilla or nutmeg.

For the love of meat

Try adding a few saved citrus skins to your next gravy. The acid in the skin will help break down any of the fats left in your gravy. Additionally, the citrus will also lighten your gravy.

Microwave Cleaning

There is really no truer testament to the cleaning power of citrus than using it to clean your microwave. Use a few left over lemon skins for this one. Place the skins in a microwave safe bowl and add a little water. Next, microwave the skins and water until the water begins to boil. Stop the microwave but do not open it. The idea is to let the steam build up. Leave the mixture for a few minutes before opening the microwave door. Now, wipe down the inside of the microwave. The grime will easily come off and your microwave will smell beautiful.

Decorative Leftovers

Those used citrus left overs can easily be turned into decorative vase additions. This is not only a useful but also a beautiful way to make use of those citrus left overs. Simply cut the leftovers into slices and pop them into your kitchen vase. They will last around a week if not more. And, you can also make use of the citrus leaves. Their deep green colours are enough to brighten any day.

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