We’re trying to figure why so few people know about Creamy Coffee Cake Day! When we say coffee cake most people will automatically think of coffee flavoured cake. Traditionally speaking, however, Coffee Cake is not really a type of cake but rather bite-sized cakes you’d have with coffee.

Coffee Cakes are usually light and fluffy and not overly sweet. The perfect cake to accompany your coffee should also have a crunch topping in the form of a crumb. You’d most commonly have a coffee cake at the same time the British would have tea and you’d spend this time in the company of a guest.

In their delicious form, coffee cakes can only be described as a one pan wonder. Freshly baked coffee cakes on Coffee Cake Day are perfect for a brunch. This easy delight is seamless to throw together if you have last minute guests around for after breakfast.

Time To Get Baking

Check out these simple coffee cakes which are sure to delight your house guests:

Now, we think you’d agree that we might not all have time to have coffee cakes. But, we can all find time to put coffee in a cake. Hence came about the birth of the modern Creamy Coffee Cake, a delicious coffee flavoured cake.

Coffee flavoured anything really hits all the right notes. Here are our top picks for baking the best ever coffee flavoured cakes:

  • Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake – This Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake is a coffee cake of epic proportions, rich with sour cream, nuts, and chocolate.  It’s perfect for fall mornings and special occasions.
  • Peanut Butter Jam Coffee Cake – Wait peanut butter and coffee, in one cake? Try this baking delight to impress your guests in no time

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