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Originally published on 10 August 2017.

Hundreds turned out to pay tribute to Edenvale businessman Andrew Karamichael last week.

Andrew died on July 28 at the age of 70.

He is fondly remembered as one of the founding businessmen of Edenvale.

Those who met Andrew knew him as a larger-than-life man who was both strict and fair in business and always put the interests of his customers first.

“His family, customers and his community were the most important aspects of his life,” said Harry Karamichael, Andrew’s son.

“It did not matter who he met with my dad loved to sit and talk to everyone. He simply enjoyed listening to their perspectives and opinions on a variety of topics. He never chose sides but would listen to everyone,” Harry said.

Friends will always remember that Andrew lived his life to the fullest.

“He lived three lifetimes and never wasted a day,” Harry said.

“Growing up, there were always visitors at our house. There were very few people my dad did not like. He had an extraordinary ability to network with absolutely anyone.

“Education was something very close to my father’s heart because it was something he never had,” Harry said.

Close friend Gary North told the NEWS that Andrew was a humble man.

“Irrespective of his success, Andrew always stayed humble. He never looked down on anyone,” he said.

“He was a man of few words and words seem inadequate to describe him. He was a man of action and taught by example,” Harry said.

“We will remember how he was fearless when it came to what he believed and he would never let anyone or anything stop him. He stuck to his principles and turned his visions into a reality. We will always cherish how my mom was there for my dad and how much she supported him.”

A week before his death, Andrew was the recipient of a 40-year service award from Spar.

He was a life-long Spar man who shortly before his death decided to take semi-retirement from retail and his business at Karaglen Superspar.

“On the Friday morning of his death, my dad was still at Spar joking with staff,” Harry said.

Under Andrew’s leadership, Karaglen has grown to a landmark Superspar and Shopping Centre it is today and the Karamichael family have shown their boundless support for their community.

“There are staff members working at Karaglen who started with my dad in Alberton 40 years ago,” Harry said.

A few things people may not have known about Andrew is that he held a full skipper’s license, was a certified professional hunter and arms collector.

He loved to host friends and family and was an excellent chef.

Andrew had a passion for wildlife and took pride in the farm that the family owns in Limpopo.

The funeral service for Andrew took place on Thursday at the Greek Orthodox Church in Primrose.

He is survived by his wife Sophia, sons Basil and Harry, Judy (Harry’s partner) and grandsons Andreas, Yianni and Nickolas.

“Thank you for all the warm-hearted messages from our family abroad, our customers, suppliers and community,” Harry said.

“Each person in the community had their own relationship with my dad. Each has their own set of memories, pictures and words to describe him,” he added.

“He taught me so much and I was privileged to work by his side as he created his vision for our family. “What I have learned will be passed down from generation to generation through my children and his story will be an inspiration,” Harry said.