Its drink wine day and we couldn’t be happier. And, let’s face it it’s been a rough couple of months; we deserve a day dedicated to the vineyards. Winemaking in South Africa is an important part of our heritage and our economy too. But, what is the difference between a Merlot and a Chardonnay anyway? And why does it even matter?

Here’s our quick masterclass for picking out the best wine on drink wine day:

Know What You Like

Do you like red wine or are you a white wine drinker? Everyone’s wine taste differs and you need to know what you don’t like to know which wines you really do want. So try them, try them all. Take note of what you like about the wine you choose and what you don’t like. Is your Merlot to heavy? Maybe try a Pinotage. Is red wine to dry for you? Give white wine a go. I good way to find the right wine for you is to know what you already like in a fruit juice. Those who favour grape juice would probably love white wine. Those who like darker juices like grapefruit or blueberry would be more inclined to like red wine variants.


A lot of the information that you need is right there on the label. Smooth drinking; light, fragrant are not just word thrown together by wine PR people. Nope, they describe what you can expect when tasting your selected wine. Reading the label of the wine should be your first port of call.

Where To Start

If you are just starting out, we suggest going for a light white wine. Or even a Rose wine. These are both excellent introductions to wines and how they taste. Remember, your taste in wine evolves in much the same way as your taste in food does. White and Rose wines are light and more fragrant. They can be perfectly paired with chicken or fish dishes. Sweeter variants of these wines such as ports go well with desserts.

Age Doesn’t Matter

While some harvests are better than others, the process of making wine ensures that one Chardonnay from a certain farm tastes exactly the same as another Chardonnay from the same farm. Also, not all wines age well. There is only a select few wines that were meant to be kept, the rest is for drinking.

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