Most of us run on busy schedules between work and home, finding time to cook healthy meals after a long day can be quite a drag. The mere thought of getting home, cooking a healthy meal and then getting the family together to eat can be as exhausting as deciding what to make in the first place. And, by the time you’re all done with the cleaning, it’s already bedtime.

Does this sound familiar? Meal Prep could be the easy solution you’ve been looking for. Prepping your meals ahead of time will mean simpler, time-saving cooking. It’s also budget-friendly. And, you can easily base your prepping time around your schedule.

Different Meal Prep Methods

There are three main ways in which anyone can quickly and easily prep their weekly meals:

  • Cooking in Batches – This means you cook a large pot of something and freeze it for use later. This works well for soups, curries, and stews.
  • Individual Portions – This entails you sharing your portions up into individual or family-sized portions and setting them aside to defrost or reheat later.
  • Ingredient Prep – Through this method, you’ll spend a lot of time peeling, slicing, roasting and chopping ingredients which you’ll freeze or store to be used at a later stage. If you like to plan your weekly meals, this is a great option.

Here are our 4 top tips to get you started on meal prep for the family:

Plan Ahead

To successfully start meal prep for the family, you need to make sure that you plan your meals ahead of time. Sit down and work out which meals you want to cook and on which days. It’s easier to start off planning around three meals for the week. Next, jot down a grocery list and pop into Karaglen SuperSpar for all your ingredients.

Cooking Multi-Tasking

Bring out your inner master chef with this one. You need to find ways to cook several things all at the same time. It’s easy to pop all your veggies in the steamer but you also need to think of other ways to use your oven. You can bake veggies and chicken at the same time. This just saves time.

Contain It

Whether you use jars or Tupperware, you need to make sure that you have enough to store all your prepped foods in. Remember that jars work better for salads and Tupperware works better for other meals.

Not Too Many

It’s never recommended that you prep more than 4 or 5 meals at a time, especially if you’re not planning on freezing them. Some foods also won’t last more than three days to be clever about which meals you serve on which days. For example, if you’re planning on prepping chicken you can serve chicken pieces on day one and chicken salad on day two but after that, you should plan to serve something else.