You can show your love in more ways than one. When you show your love, you make the recipient feel special. Many of these things don’t have to cost you much money either. You simply need to be a little creative.

Here are easy ways to show your love every day:

  • Leave love notes – Everyone loves to feel appreciated and loved. The best way to do this is through love notes. Put these little gems in lunch boxes, on mirrors, in wallets or anywhere that you know your better half will find them.
  • Be Flirtatious – Show your love by flirting with your love. Flirting is a great way to make your significant other feels special.
  • A Lazy Day – Plan ahead to have a day where you do nothing. Lay in bed and watch a few of your favourite shows. You will be left feeling refreshed and relaxed.
  • No Phone Zone – Take an hour or two every day to turn your home into a no phone zone. This will help you show your love by reconnecting with the one you love.
  • Cooking – Plan an evening meal where you can both cook together. Decide on what you want to eat, pick up the ingredients from Karaglen SuperSpar and get started. Cooking is a great way to spend time together.
  • Leave Chocolates – Put a sweet note and your partner’s favourite chocolate on their pillow. This is also a really cute gesture for their office at home or in their work bags.
  • Snail Mail – When was the last time you actually sent a letter? Why not show your love by sending your loved one a handwritten letter in the post? Yes, it might take a while to arrive but they’re sure to feel special.
  • Trip Time – Plan a couple’s trip, just the two of you to a place that’s fun and exciting. This could be for the day or even for the weekend. There are a few places not too far that’s perfect for a quick and affordable break from the city life.
  • Listen – The most important thing you can do in your relationship is to listen. When you are listening really listen. Put away phones and other gadgets and focus on what your partner has to say.