Remote car jamming is a reality and criminals are not restricted to shopping centres anymore. But, there are easy steps you can take to make sure you don’t fall victim to this crime trend.

Central locking on vehicles is just about the best thing since the good old guerilla lock. You simply push a button and walk away. The car beeps and it’s locked, right? Wrong! Fiddle-finger criminals are everywhere and they’re ready to steal valuables from your car or worse, they’re waiting to steal your car, at any time.

How does it work?

When it looks as though the customer is leaving their car, the criminal would push a remote button which in some cases looks very similar to a car remote. This remote sends out a signal which interferes with the locking signal of the car. Essentially, the criminal’s remote will block the customer’s car remote. The customer walks away thinking that their car is locked, when it is, in fact, it is not. The criminal is then free to help themselves to anything in your car.

For criminals, customers in a rush to pop into the store or the gym are easy targets. It’s a quick job with a large pay-off at the end. For the customer, this, unfortunately, means a great financial loss. Remote car jamming is real but you can take steps to avoid it.

Don’t push and walk

This is by far the most important rule. Stand next to your car when you push the remote to lock your car. Then check to make sure your doors and boot are locked by giving the door handles and boot button a slight tug or push. If your car did not lock when you pushed the button, immediately report it to a security officer at the centre. Do not leave your car unattended. When a security officer arrives to give assistance, explain the situation to them.

Be alert and report suspicious behaviour

You can never go wrong with being alert. Keep a lookout for people who you think are acting suspiciously. If you feel uncomfortable at any stage you should let a security officer know. Explain to them in detail why you feel uncomfortable and let them handle the situation. Security guards at Karaglen Shopping Centre are trained to deal with unsavoury characters.

Love it? Don’t flash it

Don’t ever leave valuable items in sight. This means laptops, school bags, handbags, electronic tablets, and cell phones. Clearly visible items in your car are only too enticing for lurking criminals. While it may be a hassle, popping things into you boot could very likely reduce the chances of you falling victim to remote car jammers.

Get technical

There are really cool devices which can actually detect remote car jamming. These devices are priced anywhere from R500 upwards and will alert you to possible signal jamming. The device has the ability to detect if there is someone in the close vicinity transmitting a signal for an extended amount of time. Some of the devices are even equipped with alarms and flashing lights to warn you.