Grapes are incredibly healthy and it’s no secret. The greatness of this #FantasticFruit lies in each grape and is real. For its size, those little delicious fruits are packed with health benefits. For thousands of years, various civilisations cultivated grapes for various uses. From delicious additives to wines, grapes are versatile in every way.

There are hundreds of different types of #FantasticFruit – grapes including, red, yellow, black, green and even pink. They can either have seeds or they can be seedless. They are grown in clusters and thrive in temperate climates around the world. South Africa is known for its world-class grapes and wines.

Here are our top reasons why you need to eat…and drink grapes every day.


These goodies grown on wines contain amazing nutrients as well as antioxidant properties. These properties scientifically linked to weight management. Additionally, one cup of grapes only contains around 100 calories.


Grapes fall into a unique group of foods which promote healing at a cellular level. If you eat just one to two cups of grapes each day you will be protecting your tissues from day to day damage. This is done by reducing the body’s chemical reactions which cause inflammation.

Make your heart happy

Grapes are definitely overachievers when it comes to looking after your heart. Grapes are known for their ability to regulate your blood pressure and also stress levels. Additionally, they have the ability to improve blood flow through the body.

A smart fruit

Grapes boost your brain function. This means they actually make to doo-dads which send messages in your brain work better. This is done by protecting the blood vessels in the brain.

Great for skin

The nutrients found in fruits such as grapes have the ability to protect against damaging rays from the sun. This also means that they can prevent wrinkles.


Grapes consist of around 80% water. Being and staying hydrated means your skin will be healthier. If you didn’t already know this staying hydrated is more than actually drinking water. You also need to take in foods which are high in water like grapes.

Great for drinking

Now, we know you probably don’t need another reason to open a bottle of wine. But, in case you do, the nutrients in grapes do not disappear during the fermentation process. This means grapes are just as good for you when you drink them as wine as they are when you eat them. And, we’ll drink to that!

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