One of the best parts of winter is the wide availability of citrus fruits. Fresh oranges, naartjies, grapefruit, limes and lemons all bring a burst of healthy colour to our lives over winter. These incredible fruits are not only pretty they are also packed with essential vitamins. The fruits are grown on flowering trees. Citrus fruits can characterised by tough rinds covering juicy segments. A third of the world’s citrus supply is used to make a variety if juices. Karaglen SuperSpar stocks a variety of amazing Citrus Fruit variants for you to enjoy at anytime.

Here are the top benefits of regularly consuming citrus fruits:

Vitamin Rich

All citrus fruits feature high levels of vitamins, more specifically, Vitamin C. These boost the immune system. Additionally, Vitamin C aids in keeping skin elastic and healthy. Eating just one medium sized orange a day will give you all the Vitamin C you need.


Not only will you be boosting your vitamin levels when you eat citrus fruits, you will also be taking in digestive fibre. In fact, there is 4 grams of fibre in one cup of orange segments. Fibre is essential in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Fibre is also essential in weight loss.

Low Calorie Count

One medium sized orange contain only around 62 calories and half a pink grapefruit only 52. The juice from on lemon contains just 12 calories. Citrus fruits make amazing healthy snacks. Don’t forget to pack some in the little one’s lunch boxes too.

Fighting Kidney Stones

Citrus fruits reduce the chances of developing painful kidney stone. They are an healthy and natural alternative to traditional medicines. Freshly squeezed orange juice every day is great way to boost your health.

Healthy Hearts

Regularly eat citrus fruit is great for your heart health. Additionally eating higher amounts of citrus fruits greatly reduces the chances of heart disease and even strokes. Grapefruit is linked to lowering blood pressure.

Check out our favourite citrus infused recipes:

Lemon Tart With Almond Crust

This beautiful tart is delicious and perfect for every event.

Grapefruit Yogurt Cake

Here’s a sweet-tart cake that’s easy, delicious and one of a kind. Oh, and healthy, too!

Best Lime Tart

This treat is the perfect balance between tart and sweet, and the almonds in the crust are just wonderful.

Orange Dream Mini Cupcakes

The bright taste of these cute cupcakes reminds us of orange-and-vanilla frozen treats.