Perfect Pears are a delicious and healthy treat. They are versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes from dinners to desserts. But, did you know that pears are part of the rose family? That’s right they join apples, plums, and raspberries in this fruit class. The most common variety of pears found in South Africa is called a European Pear. They have a round bottom which tapers towards the neck area.

There are several different colour variants of pears. Most commonly found in South Africa are green pears. But, they also come in red, gold or yellow and brown. The two main pear variants descend from Europe and Asia. But, Africa also has its own pear species which developed over time. Interestingly, the world’s top producers of pears are China, New Zealand, South Korea, and Argentina. China produces a whopping 15 million tonnes of pears every year! This totals to nearly three times more than any other country.

Finding the Perfect Pear

Pears are known to mature quickly. It is for this reason that when you buy pear from Karaglen SuperSpar they will need to ripen before you can eat them. Finding the perfect pear is easy, look for the ones which are firm but really not overly hard. The pears should be smooth and the skins should not show signs of bruising. Always try to avoid pears which are bruised or have had their skins punctured.

If you’re looking for a ready to east, ripe pear you need to avoid squeezing the whole fruit. Simply press gently on the top of the pear where the stem is. A perfectly ripe pear will be soft to the touch. An overripe pear will be squishy. You do not need to discard overripe pears. They are perfect for cooking. If your pears have ripened but you don’t want to eat them just yet, you can put them in the fridge where they’ll last for a few more days.

Preparing a Perfect Pear

Pears are best eaten fresh. Simply give your pear a quick wash under some cold water. Interestingly, the skin of a pear contains more than half of the actual pear’s dietary fibre. This means it really is best not to skin the pear before eating it. If you plan to use a pear in a salad, add a few drops of lemon juice. This will stop the oxidisation process and you won’t have browning pears.

Here are a few amazing recipes you can try with pears.