Fruity figs have for the longest time been regarded as tasty delicacies to many. They pack an enormous flavour punch for their tiny size. Fruity figs are very sweet and this makes them perfect for pairing with savoury dishes and cheeses. Characteristically, figs are filled with tiny seeds that give them a unique texture.

For the absolute best results, fruity figs can be paired with strong aged cheeses and salty crackers. Alternatively, next time you serve figs try adding a few citrus elements to your plate or even cured meats such as bacon and pancetta. Doing drinks tasting at home? No problem, figs are best served with brandies, ports, and rums. It is also helpful to remember that fruity figs work very well with any sort of nut.

Finding the Perfect Fig

Figs are incredibly delicate and this is important to remember when handling them in any store. Once the skin of a fig is broken, it needs to be eaten almost immediately. To find out whether a fig is ripe enough to buy simply take a look at the stem of the fruit. A stem that is slightly curved is an easy indicator of ripeness. Another quick way to check if your fig is ripe is to look at the skin. The skin of a ripe fig will appear to be slightly worn or dusty.

Picking the Wrong Fig

Signs that the fig you have chosen is overripe include a milky substance at the base of the stem and large splits in the skin. These should be avoided. You should also avoid figs which show clear signs of mould. It is important to note that figs don’t travel too well. So like eggs, make sure you don’t damage them. It is also a great idea to always buy locally sourced figs.

Seasonal Figs

Fruity Figs are a summer delight! That’s right, any time from December to February you’ll be able to find the best figs in most stores. But, you had better be quick, once they come into season, you’ll blink and they’ll be gone again. And, when you do buy figs, you should use them within a day of when you bought them. This means; buy them today, use them by tomorrow. You can store them in the fridge for a day or so, but this tends to dilute the flavour of the figs.