Life and food are better with cheese. Cheese can go with almost anything and we’re super excited that today, 20 January is National Cheese Lovers Day. For cheese lovers around the world, National Cheese Lovers Day is a true moment of celebration. It is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the unique versatility of this incredible product.

Most of us unofficially celebrate being cheese lovers every day by using cheese in a variety of dishes. But, we can really appreciate that a special day has been set aside to celebrate those of us who love cheese in every way. Interestingly, there are approximately 18 days celebrated around the world every year which pays homage to the greatness of cheese.

On National Cheese Lovers Day we celebrate the unique craft of making cheese. That patience its takes to perfect every block of cheese and the please we get from using it in a million ways. From tastings to pairings there are hundreds of ways you can join in the celebrations. But, here are our top picks for ways you can join the celebrations.

A perfect pairing

We chose this one first because it is probably the most fun! This year National Cheese Lovers Day falls on a Sunday. This means you can swap out that heavy Sunday lunch for something a little more summer friendly, like a cheese and wine pairing. Invite the friends over, crack open a bottle or two of good wine and set out a delicious cheese board. Check out our easy guide to the perfect cheese board here.

Get decked out in cheesy gear

Have a look online for some of the craziest cheesy gear you can find. From pants to earrings you are bound to find something to perfectly match your style while still celebrating your love for cheese.

Ask your friends

Set up an online poll and ask your friends on social media which is their favourite cheese of all time. Alternatively, you can get your friends over and have your own Masterchef style blind taste tasting to see who knows their cheese best.

Get it all on board

One of the easiest ways you can celebrate National Cheese Lovers Day is to create your own flamboyant cheese board. Head on over to Karaglen SuperSpar and check out the incredible cheese selection in our deli. We also stock all the essentials you will need to complete your cheese board.

Make your own cheese

The best cheese money can buy is made at home! We love the idea of making cheese at home. The process behind making cheese is not as long as you might think. Here is a video to help you out.

Perfect your cheese game

A grilled cheese sandwich is perfect at any time of the day. As the saying would go, practice makes perfect and this is a great time to get some practise in to perfect your grilled cheese!

Be daring

While not all recipes are winners, you can always make them better with cheese! Here are a few daring recipes to try which include cheese. Alternatively, why not host a family cheese fondue. You can see our best cheese fondue ideas here and here.