On September 8 we get to celebrate a traditional South African favourite, Biltong. That’s right, it’s National Biltong Day. Biltong is a multi-billion rand industry in SA alone. Mostly, because South Africans LOVE their biltong. At Karaglen Super Spar we completely understand why. We are passionate about all things meat, and non-more so than our in-house specially handcrafted biltong. Traditionally, winter has always been the best time to produce biltong.

The cooler weather means fewer goggas. But the tradition of making biltong goes back many many years. It is, after all, one of the oldest ways to preserve foods. The method we use today to make biltong was created by the earliest inhabitants of South Africa, the Khoisan. Hunters needed the meat they killed to last for a long time. And without deep freezers and other fancy equipment, they created a unique method of drying and preserving the meat. Today we know this process as making Biltong.

Not Just Lekker

Biltong is not just lekker. Surprisingly it is also very healthy. Locally produced biltong will never contain preservatives or additives. Biltong is not only high in protein but it also features high levels of iron, zinc and Vitamin B12. Little wonder why it’s a favoutire Father’s Day gift.

Something Fishy

Did you know you can make biltong from ALMOST any meat? Yip, you even get fish biltong. Fish biltong, which locally known as Bokkoms is more of a specialty than an all-round favourite. The biltong is made from young mullet fish. When the fish is pulled from the ocean it is further salted and then dried. The resulting taste is something fishy and very salty. But, it is still loved by millions of South Africans.

Enjoying Biltong

The best way to enjoy biltong on National Biltong Day is to savour every bite. When you buy a large cut of biltong you need to carve thin slices off to enjoy one at a time. Another great way to enjoy biltong is during the upcoming Rugby World Cup. Alternatively, you could check out these amazing recipes featuring Biltong.

Angus Beef Biltong Salad With Strawberries And Blue Cheese

Light meal perfectly suited for your next braai. This salad is also ideal for those hot summer days.

Easy Cheesy Biltong Braai Broodjies

You cannot miss the mark with these delicious braai add-ons.

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