Very often there’s a load of pressure to get just the right Valentine’s gift for the one you love on Valentine’s Day. The common misconception is that you need to spend a whack load of money to make your significant other feel loved on 14 February. The right valentine’s gift can be something as simple as something thoughtfully hand made.

Need help choosing the right Valentine’s gift? Here are our top picks:

His and Her’s Mugs

His one and her only matching mugs are a great gift for Valentine’s Day. As an added bonus, you could fill the mug with a little love by adding a few of your joint-favourite ready-to-make coffee sticks. Drop-in a few delicious chocolates and finish off with a handwritten love letter. Easy Peasy.  If your significant other is more of a tea drinker, why not check out the amazing tea gift sets available in-store at MyPhoto.

A Together Experience

2021 shouldn’t be about material things, it should be about experiences. Why not book an “us” experience where you can make memories. We’re talking about a Sushi making course, a hike, or a couples massage. Spend the time you have together rather than spoiling each other separately.

A Spoils Basket

Take a simple basket and fill it with a few of both of your favourite spoils, face mask or even chocolate. These types of baskets are easy to fill and don’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. If you need any help the friendly staff at MyPhoto will be sure to help. Don’t forget to add in one of the decadent scented candles available in store.

Painted With Love

Why not bring out the Picasso in you and make the love of your life their, very own, personalised painting. All you would need to complete this is a couple of colours, a few brushes and a canvas. Paintings can last a life-time and you’ll be adding your own special touch to it too.

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