Today is Grilled Cheese Day. We’ve called in our experts to share a few of their secrets to the best grilled cheese ever. You get a toasted sarmie and then you get a grilled cheese! Believe t or not, there really is a difference. A toasted sarmie is made on a sandwich press or in a snackwich maker while a grilled cheese is made on the stovetop. Not quite like a Jaffel either. It’s made in a pan.

Best Grilled Cheese Secrets

When it comes to making the absolute best grilled cheese every department in SPAR has its own input.


You need great bread! Don’t skimp on your bread. Good bread is the ultimate base for a good grilled cheese! Soft bread won’t be crunchy enough once done, so that knocks pre-packaged bread out of the park. The best bread to use is sourdough bread. And, one that’s around a day old.


Add crispy bacon to your grilled cheese! You’ll elevate your flavours and give your grilled cheese crunch on the inside as well as on the outside. A piece of good back bacon is always a winner.

Fresh Produce

Pop a slice of tomato into your grilled cheese to break the savoury of the cheese and the salty of the butter. Flavour your butter with fresh herbs to give your grilled cheese a flavour boost you won’t regret.


Salted butter is the way to go. Many people use margarine but it doesn’t quite help the crisping process of your bread. Mayonnaise is another alternative although it does change the flavour of your grilled cheese, sometimes not for the best. Then the cheese you choose to use also plays an important role. Good cheese will make a great grilled cheese. Mature cheddar and Muenster are simply irresistible.

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