Halloween treats – We were dealt a tough blow this year. Many events we were all looking forward to having been cancelled. But thankfully, we entered level one of our national lockdown just in time to enjoy a little Halloween fun. With a little added social distancing we can still have some fun on Halloween. From treat to tricks you can still have a blast this Halloween.

Here are a few ideas to put the spook back in Halloween:

Table of Treats

Set up a table of delicious Halloween treats for the little ones to enjoy. Be sure to include a few delicious sweet treats as well as some wholesome snacks. If you’re looking for a few homemade ideas, be sure to check out our top suggestions

Halloween Hunt

Another option is to go the Easter route for the kiddos and hide sweet treats around the house and garden. Give the children each a treat basket and let them loose around the house to find their treats. Don’t forget to add in a few tricks; we suggest placing carrot sticks and celery stalks around the house just to liven things up a little.

Spooky Scavenger Hunt

You can also opt to give the little ones a treat-filled scavenger hunt. Hidden treats and clues, now who wouldn’t want to get involved? With a scavenger hunt, you can be sure to get every member of the family involved and excited.

Creative Minds

Get the whole family involved in creating homemade costumes and delicious treat. We can think of no better way to bring smiles to everyone than having all hands on deck in creating treats for Halloween. Get the kiddies to help decorate cupcakes or let them try their hand at making a few savoury treats for everyone to enjoy.

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