Heritage Day is the perfect time to dust off the braai, gather the friends and celebrate everything about our beautiful country. Whether you call it a braai, chop end op or shisa nayma, the traditional South African braai is probably one of the things we are most well known for. But, pulling off the best braai is about more than gooi-ing a few chops on the braai and cracking open an ice-cold beer.

Here are a few of the braai essentials you’ll need to host the perfect braai this Heritage Day:


Sure, Charcoal is great and all, but no braai fire is complete without some dry wood. If you’ve had the wood sitting under your braai over winter you may want to check that it is dry enough to braai with. Wet wood means smoke and you really don’t want to smoke out your guests on Heritage Day. Additionally, braai-ing on wet wood will mean your braai fire will take much longer to reach the perfect temperature for the streak.

Funny Apron

No master of the braai would be complete without a funny apron. The perfect apron will get the conversation going and the chatter flowing. Additionally, it will make sure your clothes stay grease-free during the braai.

Charcoal and Firelighters

For the most part charcoal is charcoal but just like people at the braai are different, each person has their own personal choice of favourite charcoal. If you do not already have a fav, try asking dad what he enjoys using. Once you have your own personal choice you need to stick to it. You’ll need to learn how long it will take to get ready and how quickly it catches fire. The same can be said for firelighters.

Amazing Meat

You simply cannot braai with bad meat. When you pop into Karaglen Super Spar for all your Braai Day ingredients, you’ll be sure to pick up the best quality meat. Look for the best cuts and make sure you cook them to the right temperature. Add a little of your favourite braai spices and you’re set to go.

Weber or Traditional Braai

This again depends on personal choice. But either way, you’re going to need something to start your fire in. And, then you need to make sure that it is big enough to hold all the meat. Some people prefer to braai on gas, others like the weber and then there are the traditionalists, the proper old-school braai enthusiasts.


No Braai would be complete without a few accompanying snacks! Gooi those chippies in the bowl and deck out the biltong for your guests to snack on while the meat cooks away.

The Drinks

These days the drinks are as important as the food. Make sure that your guests bring their own booze or supply what they drink. Then you also need to makes sure you have something for the little ones and nondrinkers. Check out the amazing selection beverages available at Karaglen SuperSpar.

The Extras

How could anyone forget the braai extras? The Braai Broodtjies, The Potato Salad, and the rolls. Always make sure that you have all the extras you could need to accompany your perfect braai.