Going from holiday mode to school mode can be life-changing for your child. Once lazy days are now filled with classroom activities and homework. These changes can result in a number of emotional changes in your child. It is important to remember that not all children respond to going back to school in the same way.

Ask Questions

Showing that you are interested in what your child is going through will always make the classroom journey easier. If your little one is starting at a new school or even big school you need to take the time to listen to how they are experiencing it. Always ask questions that are open-ended. These include, tell me about your day and what made you smile today. These questions allow your child to express how they feel in their own words. These questions also show your child that you are interested in what’s happening with their lives.

Facing Challenges

Whether your child is moving up a grade or starting at a new school they will face new challenges. Those just starting school will have homework for the first time. And, those changing grade will face a higher level of difficulty in their work. It is important that as parents you are there to support and guide them through this process. Help where ever you can. Another great way to easing your child into their academic challenges is through reassurance. Always encourage your child to be open-minded when it comes to studies and homework.


The most important thing any parent can do at the start of the school year to be supportive. Your child will need your support whether they are facing social or academic challenges. Encourage your child to find new and exciting ways to enjoy school. In no time you’ll find that the back to school jitters have left and you’ll have your child back to normal.

Don’t Forget Fun

Remember that your child has spent the best part of his or her day in the classroom. Some might still be struggling to get out of holiday mode. This means that when they get home they need a little break. Here are a few things your child can do to unwind:

  1. Play outside. Your children need time to relax and get some fresh air. Let them play in the garden or go for a swim. This will work wonders in refreshing their minds before they get stuck into their homework.
  2. Go for a run. Exercise is a great way to release pent up energy from sitting in class all day.
  3. Pull out a board game. Help your child relax with a family board game before everyone starts getting into heir evening routines.
  4. Help you cook. Cooking is a great way to help your child get their minds off everything that happened at school during the day.
  5. Read a book.