Wheelie bins are pretty gross on the best of days. But, recently a number of posts circulating on social media have many more people getting down and dirty to clean their wheelie bins. The novel coronavirus has people more worried about germs than ever. And, on particular germ hotspot is the wheelie bin. Many household wheelie bins are used to dispose of wasted and spoilt foods as well as general household waste such as bottles, packets, and boxes

The key to keeping your wheelie bin as clean as possible is through regular cleaning. Spillages should be cleaned as soon as you spot them. Not cleaning spillages quickly will result in a much bigger problem. Here’s how you can clean your bin effectively:

Washing Basics

The best time to give your bin a good clean is on the day refuse is collected. Pick an area of your yard which you can dedicate to washing your bin. Remember the water which is used to clean your bin should be considered contaminated and dangerous. Pick an area with great drainage, away from young children and pets. The chemicals which you use to clean your bin can also be harmful to plants and small animals so keep that in mind too.

Hosing Down and Cleaning

  • Place the bin on its side.
  • Using a hose, spray water inside the bin.
  • Wash out all debris left behind.
  • For stubborn dirt, fill the bin to about 15cm from the bottom, add washing powder or dish detergent to the water and let it stand for an hour.
  • Use an old mop or broom to give your bin a good scrub on the inside and outside.
  • Rinse the bin well.
  • Let it dry in the sun.

Cleaning Products

Under normal circumstances using a little dishwashing liquid will work great to clean your bin. But, if you’ve never cleaned your bin you might want to invest in something a little stronger. Jeyes Fluid works wonders. When using stronger materials, always err on the side of caution. Make use of household cleaning gloves to protect your hands. As far as possible, do not breathe in the fumes. Another option for chemicals is to make use of an antibacterial soap mix.

Pro Tips:

  • Wash bottles and containers out before throwing them away. This will minimise the smell of your bin and reduce the chances of having debris lining the bottom of your bin.
  • Line the bottom of your wheelie bin with an old newspaper. This will absorb all the liquids seeping from bags and contain the smell.
  • Always use black bags for household refuse. Use smaller supermarket packets or brown paper bags for other household items thrown away.
  • Wash your hands after cleaning your bin.