Many children find it hard to gather their focus and be motivated as they head back to school in January. The festive season holidays are over a month long and many children feel their spirits are dampened by the thought of school. The back to school time is also difficult for children because they will have to distinguish between holiday mode and school mode.

There are a few things that every parent can do to encourage a better integration into school life. While at the same time keep their children motivated. One of the biggest problems children suffer from over this period is a lack of motivation. They feel that the lessons they learn will not help them in the future.

To combat this both parents and teachers can cultivate the idea that lessons will benefit them in the future. Before school starts is also a great time to take the children away from their computer and phone screens. Plan a day outing of learning to a local museum or science centre.

Show them how the lessons they will be learning affects the world around them. Your outing doesn’t even have to cost you an arm and a leg. A quick trip to the Joburg CBD can be a lesson in how tall buildings are built with maths. The planetarium is a wonderful place to learn about the world beyond earth. A simple chat about the weather will give your child a foundation for geography.

Learn with your children

Parents like to believe that we know everything but it is far better, to be honest. Should your child ask you something and you are not sure of the answer, tell them. Decide on whether you can both research the topic or whether you can set out on an adventure to find the answers.

One of the best ways to encourage learning is through doing. If you are unsure about how to cook a certain dish you can both enroll in a culinary class and learn about it. If you are excited about learning your child will be just as excited about the prospect.

What interests your child?

If your child engages in a hobby which can be a good basis for learning, you should encourage them to continue. Make sure that you take note of every activity your child is interested in. This way you will be able to foster a love for learning more about that activity. They will remain motivated and excited by your interest.