It’s time to say goodbye to the winter blues. Celebrate the arrival of Spring and the warmer weather by taking part in the first-ever Karaglen SuperSpar Flower Competition. We’re calling on all the creatives, the flower lovers and the blossoming arrangement enthusiasts to join us this weekend for an unforgettable competition.

The event promises to be fun for the whole family. Get the little ones involved. Let their creative juices flow, all for a great cause. We have chosen the Edenvale Care Centre Hospice to be the beneficiary for this fantastic floral competition. The competition will take place on Saturday, 7 September from 9 am to 11 am.

Flower Competition Registration

Those wanting to take part are encouraged to register here, before Thursday 5th September at 10 pm. Half of the R100 entrance fee will go to the Edenvale Care Centre Hospice. The other half will be used to cover the materials each entrant will receive. This includes a basket, oasis, ribbons, floral tape and an incredible selection of fresh flowers to work with.

Those taking part will need to bring their own scissors as well as any accessories they wish to add to their arrangement to make it as unique as they are. Check out these really cool ideas for a little inspiration. Additional flowers and other accessories will need to be bought from My Photo at Karaglen. Budding florists will have from 9 am to 11 am to arrange their flowers before the judging kicks off from 11 am.

The arrangements will be judged in three categories. The judges will select an overall winner as well as a winner in the most creative category and a most colourful category. The overall winning florist and arrangement will receive a R500 Spar Gift Voucher while winners in the most colourful and most creative categories will each receive R250 in vouchers.

The winning arrangements will be photographed and these will be displayed in the centre for the month of September.

About the Judges

Karaglen SuperSpar has strived to find the best in the business to judge the competition. We have enlisted the help of Sally-Ann Myburgh from Flowers by Sally. We have also asked Harry from RSA Flora and Gary North from Spar Head Office to judge the winners. Each of our accomplished judges are experts in their fields and we trust their floral decision making.

About Karaglen SuperSpar

Karaglen SuperSpar proudly boasts over 27 years of retail success in the Edenvale community. At the heart of the Karaglen is our icon, the impressive Leadwood Tree, a symbol of respect, growth, and community. Indigenous to South Africa and one of the largest trees on the continent, the great Leadwood can live up to 1,000 years. Just as the Leadwood leaves are a favourite among elephants and other game, so Karaglen provides the highest quality food and friendliest services. The stylised network of roots in the Karaglen icon represents our strong community ties with residents and organization alike.

Putting Flower Arrangements Together

The key to assembling your flowers is to let nature do all the work for you; in the same way, you would lay out your garden. Place your wire or oasis in the chosen vase or decorative container. Always start with your hardest materials first. These will frame your arrangement. Next, add your leafy greens. Now, place in your foundation flowers. These are flowers with larger bottoms. After this, you’ll want to start adding in your focal flowers. This would be any flower with a large bloom. Lastly, you need to add your floating flowers. These add body and texture to the arrangement.