Wagyu cattle have been bred for hundreds of years and are regarded as a national treasure
in Japan. In fact, for many years only the Emperor, his family, and his Samurai could eat
Wagyu beef.

Karaglen SuperSpar and Woodview Wagyu have teamed up and are pleased to share this mouth-watering experience with you. As the first and oldest Wagyu beef producer in Africa, Woodview are passionate about this breed and have many years of experience when it comes to breeding superior genetics and excellent Wagyu blood lines.

Woodview Wagyu take extra special care rearing their Wagyu cattle in a pristine environment with abundant clean air where they are fed only natural ingredients – the Japanese way. Thanks to this special care our cattle produce mouth-watering, award-winning beef.

Woodview Wagyu beef is classed into BLUE (premium), Gold (super) and Silver (great) classes
based on the marbling score achieved and only the best will do when it comes to Woodview Wagyu.

Our BLUE label product signifies our top-of-the-range Woodview Wagyu. The meat has a marbling score* of no less than 8 on the lower range and up to 9+ on the upper scale. This means it has high amounts of fine web-like seams of intramuscular fat, so much so that the meat actually appears quite white. Treat yourself – this beef is in a class of its own!


Our GOLD label product has a marbling score* of 6 to 7. This product has a fairly high amount of fine intramuscular fat, translating into that melt-in-the-mouth buttery Wagyu texture. Well worth it!




Our SILVER label product has a marbling score* of 3 to 5. This product has a fair amount of intramuscular fat and is the perfect introduction for someone trying Wagyu beef for the first time, gently easing them into the marbling scene. We very seldom have Woodview cattle in this class as most of our Wagyu has a marbling score of 7 and above.


Quality Assurance

The cattle feeding operation, where the Woodview Wagyu cattle are hosted, is ISO 22000 accredited, ensuring that our cattle are treated humanely and mitigating the risk associated with feeding and medicating of animals. At the core of this accreditation is our world-class Electronic Identification System (EID), which records every detail during the life cycle of every animal, facilitating the traceability of the meat from farm to consumer.

The Sparta Beef plant, where all Woodview Wagyu cattle are slaughtered and processed, is FSSC 22000 accredited and subjected to stringent health and safety measures. Fully recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative, the FSSC 22000 accreditation demonstrates Sparta’s and Woodview’s commitment to ensuring world-class health and safety standards. Traceability through our EID system continues throughout our vertically integrated operation up to the deboned packaged product. The Sparta beef plant is certified Halaal by SANHA and NIHT.

What is EID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), also known as Electronic Identification (EID), enables us to quickly, easily and accurately capture an animal’s information such as place of origin, sire, weight, breed, gender, intake date and weight, medication history, and more, and review or record information into a record-keeping programme and database. This is an excellent management tool for individual animal record-keeping, traceability and quality assurance. This system kicks in at calf intake and continues throughout our vertically integrated operation up to packaged product stage.