On 24 September South African will gather to celebrate Heritage Day 2020. The day has popularly also been coined National Braai Day. And, this will mean friends and family get a chance to gather, good food will be served and braais around the country will be lit. Although we believe that all braais are perfect we also know there is often room for improvement.

We gathered our instore experts together for a “bosberaad” of sorts and came up with the ultimate braai hacks to make your Heritage Day 2020 braai extra special:

Level Up Your Snacks

Let’s face it, braai’s can take a while to get going and between all the chatting and laughing your guests will get a little peckish. We suggest putting out a finger foods platter of cheese, olives, hummus and crackers. Throw in a few veggies like carrots to really add a little variety. Alternatively, a lovey platter of nachos never hurt anyone. Delight the carnivores with thin Karaglen boerewors roll on sewers or spicy Buffalo wings.

The Main Attraction For Heritage Day 2020

Make sure there’s a variety of meat for your guests to choose from. If this is not possible, ask your guests to bring their own meats. Should you be hosting a braai on a budget, remember a flattie, Texan steak or an espatadas goes a long way when feeding guests. If you missed our suggested meat, salad and bread pairings check it out here.

Braai Like a Boss

Cooking over coals is indeed an art and many braai masters will attest to it. On a side note, never interfere with a braai master. Ideally, you need to take the meat out of the fridge (not the freezer) about an hour before you place it on the coals. By doing this, you’ll nail that even cook. Do not disturb the meat. And, by this we mean, don’t keep turning the meat. Finally, leave the meat to cook completely on one side before turning it over to cook the other.

Classic Braai Salads

You cannot have a braai without a salad. That’s like having a Boerie roll without the Boerie (or the roll; whichever side of the fence you sit on). There are classics including green salad, potato salad or three bean salad. Then there are the newcomers; summer sweetcorn salad, the Feta, Pomegranate and fig salad and the watermelon salad. Whichever you choose, please make sure you serve a salad.

Make your Braai Day exceptional, pop into Karaglen SuperSpar for all your braai needs.