Kitchen organisation doesn’t have to be daunting. Nothing can be quite as frustrating as not being able to find the missing Tupperware lid, right when you need it most. And, have you ever wondered why you keep buying the same pantry stock? The answer is simple. You need to organize your kitchen. Many people think and believe that they need a large amount of space to run a functional kitchen, but this really isn’t the case.

There are a few things you can do to expertly and efficiently organise your kitchen. Proper kitchen organisation will ensure that you have more space to work. Additionally, the space you have will be optimized. Getting the most from your kitchen is what everyone should strive for. And, with these amazing tips you’ll be kitchen organized in no time:

Take it All out

The very first step in organizing your kitchen is to make sure you know what you have. To do this, you will need to literally take everything out of your kitchen. This also means that you will have a clean slate to start from. Once you have everything out of your cupboard you need to step back and assess the situation. Take a good look at everything. Ask yourself the following questions; do you need it? Do you want it? Also, be sure to check the expiry dates of items you’ve had laying around at the back of the cupboards for years.


Place items into three categories; keep, throw away and donate.

Cleaning Time

What is the use of decluttering your kitchen if you don’t clean it first? You need to make sure that you clean everywhere. Take the drawers out and get into the back of the cupboard with a cloth. Deep cleaning your kitchen is surprisingly therapeutic and you’ll start to feel loads better. And, you’ll have the added bonus of putting everything back in a sparkling clean kitchen.

Set Zones For Kitchen Organisation

If you want to make sure that this is the last time you clear out your kitchen you need to divide your kitchen into zones. Use a notebook, and get dividing. You need to make sure that you write down which items go into which zones.

Here’s a basic zone plan for you to follow:

  • 1 – Should be used for everyday items such as blows, cups, plates, and cutlery.
  • 2 – Would be every used for cooking and baking.
  • 3 – Accessories such as Tupperware and other containers used for storage.
  • 4 – Can be used for coffees and coffee supplies. Don’t forget bar-ware such as wine glasses and accessories.
  • 5 – Could be designated for the pantry and should contain spices, canned goods, and gadgets.
  • 6 – The area under your sink can be used for storage of cleaning goods.

Perfectly Positioned

The key to organizing your kitchen in a functional manner is to make that you have access to your items. If you know you use something regularly, you need to keep it at eye-level. The rest can be placed out of sight. The same rules should apply for the pantry. Cereals need to easy access, but that chili powder doesn’t.