Packing great school lunches is about more than throwing a few edibles in a lunchbox and sending it to school. Remember, children will eat with their eyes first. If you want your little ones to eat all their food, you need to make it look good. Ok, we get it, this sounds like a lot of effort. And, in the beginning, it will be. But trust us, when you get the hang of it, you’ll be packing great school lunches in record-breaking time.

Here’s everything you’ll need to get started on packing great school lunches:


When we say containers, we mean many of them, in different sizes. This will help you separate fruits from bread and crackers from hams. Placing items in individual containers helps the foods not go soggy. Additionally, if your children don’t want to eat one of the items they can seal up the container and bring it home. You’ll need a selection of smaller square containers, round ones and rectangular ones too.  Remember to mark all the containers.

Lined Lunch Bag

We cannot stress enough how important a good lunch bag is. We also always suggest getting a bag that has been lined to keep your great school lunches cool during the day. Another great tip is to make use of bottles of frozen water. Simply pop the frozen water bottle into the bag with the lunch to keep lunch items fresh for longer. As a bonus, when the ice melts, your child will have a bottle of cold water to drink.

Cookie Cutters

This one is for the creative parents and even parents who want to be a little more creative with great school lunches. The cutters can vary in sizes for different food items. There is a number of baking ingredient stores in the area which have amazing selections of cutters. We suggest cutting out everything from cheese to hams and even sandwiches. The leftovers from the packed lunches also make for great after school or study snacks when the kiddos get home. To keep these fresh, simply pop them in the fridge.