The school lunch box is an essential part of ensuring your little one gets all their nutrients throughout the day. As parents, we often struggle to come up with fun ways to brighten up school lunches. Are they getting enough of the good stuff? Will they be eating enough during the day? And, what on earth do children like anyway?

Here are the best tips for creating the most nutritious and visually appealing school lunch boxes for your children.

Food Groups

When we were in school we were all taught about the essential food pyramid. These are the food groups that make up the ideal balance of food everyone should take in. This pyramid is what you should be basing your school lunch boxes on. Right at the bottom of the pyramid are your veggies and beans. These should make up the biggest portion of the lunch box. Next, add in fruits. Then a few grains followed by meats. Lastly dairy should make up the smallest portion of the items in your child’s lunch box.

Add Colour

Children love colour. Red grapes, green cucumber, orange carrots, brown bread, blueberries. The mix and match options are endless if you’re looking to create a colourful fun lunch box for your littlies.

To Drink

Children going to school should drink plenty of water. Try to make sure that the only item your child takes with to school to drink is a bottle of water. Other drinks, even fruit drinks can easily dehydrate your child. This is especially important during our hot summer months.

Prep At Night

We’ve previously covered a few articles on meal prep and found that it is a great way to save time and money on cooking dinners. But, meal prepping school lunch boxes are also a great way to save you time in the morning. That’s right, get those lunches to pack the night before. Place it in the fridge and you and your children are all set for an extra 5 min in bed the next morning.

Stick With Simple

Always remember that your children will not have much time to sit down and enjoy their lunch. This means as parents we all need to make smart lunch box choices for our children. Foods need to be healthy and be able to sustain the children throughout the day. This does not have to mean loads of food but rather foods that are slow energy releasing. We’re talking low GI bread and veggie slices.

Keep an eye out for our new regular feature on cleaver hacks to nail sending the perfect lunch box to school.