Coffee and Monday go together like cake and tea. Like biltong and rugby. Like Sunday lunch and an afternoon nap. But most importantly, coffee and Monday go best with doughnuts. At Karaglen SuperSpar we actually love Mondays. And, we like to share the love. That’s because on Monday’s we sell 6 incredible doughnuts for R18.95 and we even throw in a free coffee.

If you are not convinced enough, here are four reasons why coffee is great:

Improved Coordination

Let’s all collectively agree that a well-coordinated person is a productive person. So you’ll be relieved to know that coffee actually helps with your coordination. After you’ve had a cup of Joe, your brain sends vital signals to the rest of your body to help them decide what they need to do. BUT, on the downside, too much coffee speeds up these messages even more and that leads to having the jitters.

Less Puff

Coffee isn’t just for drinking. There are many other cool uses for coffee. One such use is ridding yourself of the dreaded puffy eye from a long night. Simply gather up a few used coffee grounds and place them under your eyes. Be careful not to get any coffee in your eyes. We suggest putting the used coffee grounds in little gift bags, you know those clear ones. Then, placing the bags on your eyes. Keep it there for around 20 min and like magic, puffy eyes are gone.

No More Cracked Feet

Another cool use for coffee is getting rid of dry cracked heels. We all know the feeling, its summer and we want to wear those sandals. The only problem is winter’s left us with rather embarrassing heels. No needs to rush off to the spa (although Sorbet Karaglen does have some amazing treatments). You can do a foot spa treatment right at home. Mix used coffee grounds with a little coconut oil. We suggest 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil for the best results. Next, simply rub the mixture on your feet and relax for 30 min.

Faster Metabolism

Because coffee is absorbed into the body at such a fast rate it increases metabolism. A faster metabolism means faster weight loss. Now, we’re not saying that coffee can help you lose weight. But, it sure won’t hurt when you get it free with those six delicious doughnuts.