Christmas is about festive family fun, but this year is a little different. So, we thought we’d share a few creative ways that you can get into the festive spirit. Without getting caught up in the crowds.

Call Santa

Yip, you read that right. You can now call Santa, we sure are happy that he finally got his WiFi sorted out. So, thanks to the true wonder of modern technology, you don’t have to skip seeing him at the shopping centres. You can organise a video call with him. Through Santa’s Calling You, you can book a private call over Zoom with Santa, or Mrs Claus or even one of Santa’s elves!

Parents should not that the service is based in the UK and calls are charged in £

Christmas Movies

Nothing quite beats a good Christmas movie and spending time together over the festive season is VERY important to us all. So gather up the kids and the parents and get the popcorn popping, it’s movie time. Hot chocolate goes great with movies, especially if the weather is a little rainy.

Get Gaming

Why not plan a family games night? We can’t think of a better way to get the family around a table than a good game of Scrabble. Pop into Karaglen SuperSpar to stock up on a few of the family’s favourite party time snacks and you’re all set for an evening of fun and games. Why not try your hand at creating your own games too?

Scavenger Hunt

Why not host a Festive Family Fun scavenger hunt. This is perfect for rainy days and can keep the little ones entertained for hours. Make sure that your scavenger lists are all Christmas themed. Try lists with anything red. We like the idea of the search ending with a delicious plate of treats.

What’s your favourite Christmas activity?

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