Along with a good ol’ South African braai comes the ever loved braai lingo. While we might all know things like Boerie, short for Boerewors Roll; or Flatty, the term used for braai’d chicken there’s other terms we might not know so well.

Let’s start with “bak” the item used to store the meat after the braai. Then there’s the first braai after winter. Not that we didn’t already braai in winter. But, we’d like refer to it as “aai”; simply because it’s missing the brrrr of winter.

Have you heard of “abraaiviation”? This is what we’d like to commonly refer to when we have a quick braai. You know those braai’s that take place on a weekday afternoon. There’s nothing fancy about an “abraaiviation”, it’s quick and simple. It’s a chop and wors braai.

Braai Lingo is in our blood

Then we have “blitz”, those are your fire starters commonly used with charcoal or wood. But, we all have those friends that have a “blits-braai”. That’s when you have a braai, but no meat actually touches the braai. And, you end up calling for takeaways. In contrast, you might also have a “braai-a-thon”. This is where the fire is started super early and probably lasts until the following day.

Have you ever had a “braai passenger”? This is someone who arrives at your braai with no drinks and no meat. We also have the “braai master”. This is the person running the braai. They can be quickly spotted holding the tongs at any braai. There’s no mistaking the “braai master” but there might be a problem when you have two “braai masters” at the same braai. Then you might have a “braai-jacker” a “braai master” that takes over the braai from another “braai master”.

We also have the “Braai Harder” – this is the 90’s action film fanatic at your braai. If you’ve had a recent conflict with a “braai master” or a “Braai Harder” you might want to invite them over for a “Braai-Offer”, as a peace offering. Then we have a “Zim-braai” – here’s where you braai with no meat.

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